General Publishing Inc.(R) is a North American media corporation based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

General Publishing started up 96 years ago in Toronto as a book publisher and distributor for U.K and U.S. publishers. 

GPi photos: Book display, Harrods, London; Canada stand at the Frankfurt Book Fair. Vancouver, BC.


Our clients ranged broadly, from Reader's Digest and universities to the publishers of Handbook of Chemistry and Physics and Popular Mechanics books.

General Publishing Inc.(R) traces its roots directly to the original company. Three generations on, its media businesses are now more aligned to particle physics than to printing presses. 

Thoughtful adaptation of new technologies with wider, positive uses in society will continue to shape our future.  



General Publishing Inc.(R): GPi produces and distributes media internationally for its own brands, imprints, licensees, and for clients. 

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Industry: Media

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GPi pandemic update

Safety First For All: In Vancouver, General Publishing Inc. follows the guidelines of the Provincial Health Officer of British Columbia; for current information go to




General Publishing Inc.

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General Publishing Inc.

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